The Sugar Dumplin Experience

As the sun sets on the horizon, why not slow things right down at the Sugar Dumplin rum shack. Come and "hole up" with your friends, after shopping or just after work. Kick off your shoes and settle into a rocking chair on the porch to watch the world go by, armed with a nice cold, ice cold refreshing drink.

Better still set down for dinner, fill your belly with some spicy jerk-chicken or slow-cooked tender, curried goat, rice and peas, full of spicy goodness.

Tap your happy feet to the sound of cheesy beats, from David Soul to De La Soul; bad dad dancing is guaranteed! Sway your shoulders to the live acoustic sets from our Bob Marley tribute band... so loud you can hear yourself talk...

Candle-lit beach huts, scattered with snug blankets and sumptuous cushions, Sugar Dumplin is the perfect escape from everyday. Soak up the spirit of the Caribbean in the middle of a town near you.

Way better than staying home...

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